Hot Stone Supplies

Stone and Spa Stone Sets

This 47 hot stone massage set is specifically designed for Stone and Spa hot stone therapy students. I finally found these wonderful black basalt sets after searching for many years and ordering from several different companies. A worthy investment that will pay for itself quickly and will be with you throughout your career as a therapist.

Each set includes the following:

Placement Stones

  • 12 Spinal layout stones
  • 1 Belly /Sacral stone
  • 1 Solar plexus stone
  • 2 Hand rest stones
  • 2 Foot stones
  • 1 Neck pillow stone

Working Stones

  • 2 Large working stones
  • 8 Medium working stones
  • 8 Toe stones
  • 8 Face stones
  • 2 Acupressure tool stones

Cost: $125 which includes s/h